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Qiuzziz is a learning platform for students. It is a website that helps students to learn about their related subjects. It uses games so that students can learn easily. By using it, teachers also make tests for students. It creates different types of questions like MCQS. Teachers can use Qiuzziz in class or remotely. It helps students a lot in learning. You can also add memes to make it more interesting.

What is Qiuzziz?

Qiuzziz is a learning website. It is like a game in which we can learn every topic easily. You can ask questions for different subjects. Teachers create tests on it to see what students have learned so far. Teachers can also add funny things like polls and memes to make it more interesting for students. Quizizz also shows teachers how well students are doing. You can also select levels according to your mindset.

How does Quizizz work?

It is like a game in which we learn new words. It is for both children and adults. You can use it on your phone or laptop alone. If you use this website, you do not need to find a study partner. This website has two options: create your own test and use someone else’s test. You just click on play to start learning. You can also set a time limit on your quiz.

Making a Quiz on Qiuzziz:

You can follow these simple steps to make tests on Qiuzziz:

  • Go to your Qiuzziz profile page.
  • Click on “Create a new Qiuzziz.”
  • Name your quiz according to your choice.
  • Select the subject for your quiz.
Join Quiz on Qiuzziz
Join Quiz on Qiuzziz
  • Add questions by clicking on “Add questions.”
  • Add pictures according to your subject type.
  • Select the grade level that fits your mind.
  • Choose the correct answer.
  • Finish your quiz.
  • Select the privacy settings (public or private).
  • You can play, share, or delete the quiz in your quiz settings.

Modes of Qiuzziz:

In this section, we will discuss the four best modes of Qiuzziz:

Live mode:

In live mode, teachers can arrange live tests in class. Students join and participate in this test. They gave answers to questions on their devices. After the test, the result is shown immediately. This makes the class more fun and competitive.

Expert mode:

Homework mode helps teachers to know how the student’s performance and learning are currently going. Students continue to take tests until they fully understand the material. This helps teachers see if students are improving.

Homework mode:

In homework mode, teachers give assignments to students for the best learning and understanding. This is how students can take the test by sitting outside the class. They can do it from anywhere. In this way, students can answer the questions independently and check their progress.

Practicing Homework mode in Qiuzziz
Practicing Homework mode in Qiuzziz

Test mode:

Test mode is like a serious exam. The teacher sets the duration for conducting the test to make it real. This shows how much students know when they are under pressure.

Your Own Learning path:

Every student can easily learn about their subjects from this platform whenever they want because it is made for every student. You can select the difficulty of the test according to you. It helps you learn new things very easily. It will help you wherever you need help. This platform works in a way that allows you to learn easily. It is like our teachers who know exactly what we need.

Setting a Time Limit on Qiuzziz:

You can follow these simple steps to set a time limit:

  • Go to your Qiuzziz profile page.
  • Select the test where you want to add a time limit.
  • Click on three dots and choose “Edit.”
  • Then, click on the “Time limit” option.
Setting auto Time Limit on Qiuzziz
Setting auto Time Limit on Qiuzziz
  • If you are a student, add time limits in minutes to complete the test.
  • When the time is up, the quiz is submitted automatically.
  • Add extra time for submission if necessary.
  • Some teachers selected two deadlines for different types of responses.

Questions and Subject Types in Quizizz:

Questions Types:

You can add these types of questions to this website.

  • MCQS
  • Fill in the blank
  • True or Falls
  • Poll or Meme
  • Audio or video
  • Open-Ended

Subjects Types:

You can ask questions about these subjects on this website.

  • Science
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Technology
  • Social studies
  • Arts
  • History
  • Geography
  • Literature
  • Foreign Languages
  • Health

Adding Pictures to Quizizz Questions:

You can add pictures to this website under two cases. The first case is for questions, and the second case is for answer choices.

For Questions:

  • Click on the “Add Picture” icon.
  • Select the image you want to add from your computer.
  • You can adjust or replace it if needed.
  • You can also click the “Picture” button on the toolbar.

For Answer Choices:

  • Choose your answer.
  • Click on “Add Picture.”
  • Your picture shows up.
  • You can change or delete it if needed.
  • If someone does not get the picture, you can explain it by writing a note.

Increasing Motivation, Interest and Participation:

In today’s period, keeping students involved in studies is very difficult. However, this platform makes studying interesting for students by adding competitions and giving rewards. It can add memes to questions to attract students. It also creates a friendly competition to motivate students to do their best. And when they do well, they feel proud and happy.

Comparison with Competitors:

FeaturesQuizizzClassPointQuizlet LiveGimKitKahoot
FocusChecking Progress and Reviewing MaterialExciting Presentation and Keeping You InterestedLearning Together Through Fun GamesGamified learning experienceGame-based learning platform
FeaturesQuick feedback and gamified learningEarning Stars and Seeing Who’s on TopPlaying as a TeamGet Bonuses and Enjoy Fun GamesVariety of quiz and game styles
Ease of UseUser-friendly interfaceEasy and clearSimpleEasy and clearQuick and interesting
CostFree with limitations, subscription optionsFree for up to 5 questions per file, Paid planFree with premium plans availableSubscription-based pricing modelFree with premium plans available
SuitabilityFormative assessmentsInteractive presentationsCollaborative learningGamified learning experience
Interactive quizzes
Quizizz vs. ClassPoint vs. Quizlet Live vs. GimKit vs. Kahoot

This chart provides the key features and characteristics of Quizizz along with its best close competitors.

Impact on students and teacher’s lives:

It helps students and teachers a lot.

For students:

It makes learning more entertaining and exciting. Students can make quizzes on this platform according to their mindset, play with friends or classmates, and get instant feedback, which helps them learn better. They can also work with friends and feel motivated to do their best.

  • Participation
  • Motivation
  • Personalized learning
  • Collaboration

By using this platform students can make perfect in the among things.

For Teachers:

It saves time when making quizzes and grading. It also helps them understand how well students are doing and where they need help. Overall, it makes learning more enjoyable and helps everyone learn more effectively.

  • Assessment
  • Time-saving
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Differentiation

By using this platform teachers can make perfect in the among things.

Impact on students and teacher's lives
Impact on students’ and teacher’s lives

Future of Qiuzziz:

In the future, it is getting better to help the students and teachers. It will also work better with other tools and devices. Teachers will be able to see more about student performance. This platform will help students to learn together. It is changing with education to help everyone learn in their own way. It also works on creating new features and discovering new ways of arranging tests.


To sum up, Qiuzziz is a learning platform. This website has greatly impacted the lives of students and teachers. If you use this platform, you do not need to find a study mate. Teachers can use Qiuzziz in class or online. Teachers give assignments to students to improve their knowledge and experience. It will help you wherever you need help. In the future, developers will also work on making new features and discovering new ways of arranging tests.


What is Qiuzziz?

It is a learning platform where you can play quizzes on different subjects and topics.

Can I make my own quizzes on Qiuzziz?

You can make quizzes on this platform according to your mindset and level and play with friends or classmates.

Is Qiuzziz free to use?

Yes, it is free for both students and teachers to use. You can also go for the paid version for the advanced future.

Can I see how well I did on a quiz?

After completing the test, you will see your score and performance.

Is Qiuzziz suitable for all generations?

Yes, it is designed for both kids and adults.

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